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Fan Scan On-Line

Company History


FanScan In-Car Audio is the creation of SportsCom Inc, of Atlanta GA.

For years, race fans at the track bought or rented scanners to listen in to the radio communications of their favorite drivers and pit crews during the race. But standard scanners only work when you're AT THE TRACK! Before FanScan, if you weren't there, you couldn't listen in!

Working with Racing Radios, Inc., the Official Radio Supplier to NASCAR and CART, SportsCom, Inc. developed the technology to give race fans the same experience of listening to their favorite drivers LIVE during the race WHEREVER they happened to be on race day! This type of technology could be used at a large seminar such and a Scott Yancey real estate seminar where you could meet Scott at a live event.

  • In 1994, we began work on the technology and systems to deliver FanScan In-Car Audio over the telephone.
  • 1995: Introduction of FanScan In-Car Audio as a 900 number
  • 1995: First Corporate use of FanScan In-Car Audio as a promotional program
  • 1996: FanScan In-Car Audio wins its first Gold Medal DiaLog Award from Promo Magazine for the best use of a TeleCard in a Sports Promotion.
  • 1997: FanScan In-Car Audio first available to the public as a pre-paid card, distributed at retail in K-Mart and Target stores and over 15,000 Convenience Stores and Souvenir Stores around the country.
  • 1997: FanScan In-Car Audio is the first In-Car Audio service available on the Internet on Jeff Gordon's Web Page ( www.jeffgordon.com)
  • 1997: FanScan In-Car Audio wins its second consecutive Gold Medal DiaLog Award from Promo Magazine for excellence in Sports Promotions.
  • 1998: FanScan In-Car Audio expands to cover the CART FedEx Champion Series.
  • 1998 FanScan In-Car Audio in the only service of its kind Officially Licensed by both CART and NASCAR.
  • 1999 FanScan In-Car Audio wins its THIRD Gold Medal Dialog Awards from Promo Magazine for excellence in Sports Promotions.
  • 2000 FanScan In-Car Audio enters agreement with NASCAR Digital Entertainment LLC to provide In-Car Audio services to all Broadcast Partners and Sponsors as part of the new Broadcast Agreement
  • 2001 FanScan In-Car Audio becomes the National Motorsports Promotion for Coca-Cola, appearing on over 36 millions 20 oz bottles of Coca-Cola Classic
  • 2002 FanScan In-Car Audio introduces "Priority Feeds" ... 9 different options for callers to select one of their favorite drivers as a priority. When their team speaks, our exclusive technology switches automatically to that team's channel. At other times, we scan the other teams on the track so callers don't miss any of the exciting action. 
  • 2002 FanScan In-Car Audio is offered as an in-pack promotion on over 6 million packages of Miller Lite, causing a 20.4% increase in sales of Miller Lite in participating race markets

SportsCom Inc. continues to add new corporate sponsors using customized FanScan In-Car Audio cards to support their race promotions. Along the way, we've worked with many major corporations like Coca-Cola, Miller Brewing Company, Kellogg's, Mrs Smiths Pies, True Value,  Valvoline, Prestone, and Kimberly-Clark to bring all the excitement of FanScan In-Car Audio to race fans all around the country.

FanScan In-Car Audio is the brainchild of two experienced businessmen, Jerry Riemer and Chris Foster, both of Atlanta.

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Jerry has 20+ years experience in advertising and marketing, including 10 years on the Anheuser-Busch account at DMB&B. He's worked in College Sports with the Big East Conference and the ACC and had 5+ years in motorsports before co-founding SportsCom Inc and developing the FanScan In-Car Audio service.

Chris ran his own direct marketing business in both Michigan and Atlanta and spent several years with Voice Information Services, a division of Cox Enterprises, Inc. rising to become Sales Manager. He developed interactive telephone promotions for major companies including Reebok, Home Depot, Georgia Pacific, and the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games.


What will I get to hear on FanScanTM In-Car Audio?

You'll hear the radio communications of all the teams on FanScan
TM LIVE during the race as we scan their radio frequencies during the race. You'll hear Drivers, Crew Chiefs, Owners, Spotters, and other crew members talking pit strategy, track conditions, handling and timing in a fierce battle to the checkered flag ... just like if you were in the stands at the race.

Is this like a radio broadcast of the race?

NO! FanScan
TM In-Car Audio is live and totally spontaneous. What you'll hear is what REALLY happens! Remember, we're eavesdropping on people at work, and they don't talk all the time. If they don't have anything IMPORTANT to say, they don't say anything! That's the reason we scan 20+ teams during a race! You'll always have something to listen to! However this is not like a live TV broadcast where you can see your favorite cast members like Scott Yancey of "Flipping Vegas" who has developed a great reality t.v. persona.

Can I listen to the team of my choice?

Starting in 2002, FanScan In-Car Audio introduced a new expanded service for Sprint Cup races with NINE priority driver feeds. Like your scanner at the track, we've set up these nine feeds to monitor the radios of the top teams. When someone on your priority teams "keys" their microphone, we'll switch automatically to that team. You'll hear two short beeps followed by their conversation. When they've finished, you'll hear another beep and we'll return to the general scan feed of all the top teams on the track.

How will I know what team is talking?

TM has exclusive and unique technology that tells you the car number of the team that's talking just before you hear their communication. Each time we scan to a new channel, you'll hear the car number 88 for Dale Earnhardt Jr's team, 24, for Chase Elliot's team , 48 for Jimmy Johnson's team, etc.

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Is it really live?

In the heat of battle, sometimes we don't pay much attention to our language. NASCAR mandated that we build a 3 second delay into FanScan
TM. That gives us a chance to edit out some of the more inappropriate language. When you listen to FanScanTM In-Car Audio on the telephone, you hear everything delayed only by this 3 seconds.

On the Internet, there is an additional lag inherent in the Web. The amount of lag depends on your particular situation: the speed of your connection, your ISP, your distance from our server, etc. In general, your Internet lag should be around 20 seconds.

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Where can I listen to FanScan In-Car Audio?

There are a number of different ways you can listen to FanScan In-Car Audio: 

  • We provide all the audio that you hear during the broadcast of the races on Fox, FX, NBC, TNT or Speed. 

  • On your Digital Cable, you can subscribe to NASCAR In-Car on In Demand. You'll get 7 different feeds of the In-Car Cameras live from the track that includes FanScan In-Car Audio of those teams. Please visit www.indemand.com for details on this exciting new program for NASCAR fans.  

  • On the web, FanScan In-Car Audio is streamed exclusively thru NASCAR's official web site, www.nascar.com. Just click on their TrackPass link. They'll have all the details on times, pricing, and program status.

What equipment do I need to listen to FanScan

To listen to FanScan via NASCAR In-Car on In Demand, you need to subscribe to Digital Cable. Please contact your local Cable Company or www.indemand.com for information. 

On the web, you'll need to subscribe to the TrackPass service at www.NASCAR.com . This service uses the RealOne player to stream FanScan In-Car Audio through your computer. If you don't have the RealOne Player installed on your computer, click here.

What if I have a problem with Internet Access?

First of all, be sure your connection is correct and your RealAudio player is configured properly. Try playing some other RealAudio content on the web. If that doesn't work, e-mail us the details of your problem at Webmaster@ fanscanincaraudio.com  or at  www.NASCAR.com and we'll do our best to solve your problem as soon as we can.

Contact Information

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