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Since 1994, SportsCom Inc has been delivering the live action of NASCAR to racing fans with our exclusive FanScan In-Car Audio technology

With FanScan In-Car Audio, race fans at home can have the same live race experience as fans at the track!

Race Fans love FanScan In-Car Audio!

Each Weekend, thousands of fans rent or buy scanners at ther track to listen to the live radio communications of their favorite teams.
Now, with your help, your customers will feel like they are sitting in the stands wherever they happen to be on Race Day! 
They will hear their favorite drivers and crews discuss car handling, track conditions, pit strategies and more!

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Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Features
Page 3: Ways to use FanScan In-Car Audio
Page 4: Samples and Examples
Page 5: Samples and Examples 2
Page 6: Results
Page 7: Custom Features
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